That Town Called Bethlehem

That town called Bethlehem in Israel Would once be missed, if not for prophecy, That Micah gave to mourning Israel Amidst its pending woes it soon shall see. The King eternal shall soon come to it: The God eternal born as feeble babe. Such mysteries man may not comprehend: The Lord most High did condescend […]

The Word of God

Tis’ strange. So often is the Book to meA peerless Word of comfort and rebuke.I marvel how that Word encourages,And at the same, my faults expose, refute. The timely Word, His precious Counsel wise,Addresses all my doubts and fears and wants.Not one stray thought escapes His knowing eye,But swiftly He with quick’ning Word supplants. O […]

Time Alone with God

Tis’ surely best for one to spend with God Uninterrupted, quiet time, alone, Perusing silently the Word divine And list’ning to its subtle, lovely tones. Let not a single voice around disturb That wondrous peaceful hour with Christ my God. Let not a worldly care creep in and stain That peaceful time communing close with […]