The Pilgrim’s Way

A reminder to us that we are but pilgrims in the way, and one day, surely our bodies shall return to the dust, and if we are born again, we shall return to the heavenly abode, where beloved Christ lives. *** The pilgrim’s way shall upward trod to daily be like Jesus Christ our Lord. […]

O Christian! Death comes close to thee.

O Christian! Death comes close to thee, that thou shalt clearly know this truth: that there is one appointment be, for which there is no clearer proof. This sure appointment has a time that He above has set for us, that none can seek to e’er divine, until that time comes close to us. It matters not to […]

Peace, peace!

My life was long troubled by sin’s grappling hold, which promised earth’s riches but left my soul cold, but Christ gave me warmth from His Word: such is gold, and peace that is ever so sure. Peace, peace! from the LORD above. Peace, peace! from the purest love. Peace, peace! that is warm and dear, which ever is […]