The Truth Which Set Me Free

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

John 8:32

I praise Thee God, that Thou deliv’rest me
From the insanity of all my mind
When once of human wisdom I thought high;
Above these lofty thoughts, the wisdom mine.

But thrice my God did crush my prideful soul
And more did Thee still crush, when I did sin
That I might see the follies of my thoughts
Which I, the fool, did cherish once within.

When once my foolish thoughts were broke by Thee,
Thy Word, that cleaving sword, did set me free.
Would I then love the foolish worldly thoughts
Which spurn Thy wisdom true so willingly?

I see that pow’r divine now changing me,
Which I before could never think to see.
Would now Thy Word through me have reign so free
That others now would liberated be!

Yet not for moral change alone, my Lord,
These shackles Thou hast broken sure,
But that this sinful race would turn to Thee,
And worship Thee, Thou sov’reign Saviour dear.


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