Tis’ the Blessed Hour of Prayer

Blessèd hour of prayer,
Blessèd hour of prayer:
What a balm for the weary!
O how sweet to be there!

– Tis’ the Blessed Hour of Prayer, Fanny J. Crosby

Just simply taking time to pray to God
Shall bring such joy and peace so fresh and pure.
No peace as this can worldly ways afford,
Nor joy so sweet can all the world procure.

Take every care within thy weary heart
And pour it out to Him, not holding back,
And trust in Him, in full and not in part,
For he that trusts his all in Christ is blest.

Now humbly lie before His blessed feet,
With ear attuned to every single word,
Rejoicing in the blessed Truth He speaks,
And trusting simply in His blessed Word.

No greater rest than this is found on earth,
Nor balm so soothing all this world can find
Except in God, who heals with tender love,
The Shepherd ministering care divine.


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