Thou showest me my selfish love of eminence,
Through Thy own time, Thy blessed providence.
Thou chastised me when I would want my way,
And gave me shame and emptiness those days.
Thy words rebuked, and made me cry inside,
When I would still my worthless rules abide.
Ashamed and miserable in my heart,
I found myself now groping in the dark.
My foolish notions now are dashed to bits.
My selfish passions now are dashed to bits.
In all these things, yet still I plead to Thee,
That I should never turn my heart ‘gainst Thee.
O come, O God, Thou faithful, holy Truth,
For now, I know not what I ought to do.


Not special I would want to be
But just plain normal, loving God.
Just serving where I ought to be
And yearning not a little more.
My will and heart, Lord grant to me,
That I may serve my blessed King.


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