He Knows My Heart

He knows my heart, and thus He lays the path
That would prevent my heart from straying far.
The Lord whose love for me is greater still
Has led all things to save my soul from harm.
Would I distrust His loving omniscience,
Which has foreseen the harm that step will give?
When sensual sense shall cry to disobey,
O God my Lord, help then my unbelief.

Thy reason far surpasses all of mine –
O, teach me then to reason from Thy Word.
Thy holy thoughts within Thy Word is true,
And they who heed them shall not go wayward.
Help me delight in Thy eternal law
And daily trust in Thee through strife and calm.
At last, my soul shall see Thy goodness full,
The way Thy hand hast kept me safe from harm.


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