A Penitent Prayer

If deep within, my soul despises Thee, O God,
O, humble now my soul, and keep me ‘fore Thy feet.
If there be any spark of sin within my foolish heart,
O, humble now my soul, to mortify that bit.

Let not a ling’ring thought be left within my heart,
so full of pride and self, so full of great conceit,
which takes in vain the grace which God has giv’n to me,
to wallow in great sin – tis’ vanity indeed!

O cleanse my heart; purge it through with hyssop, LORD.
Leave not a bit that soon shall be a grievous blight.
Create in me, O LORD my God, a heart that’s clean;
renew in me a soul that’s right before Thy sight.

O, Thou wilt not despise a broken contrite heart,
but shuns the prideful heart that brings a sacrifice.
The prideful soon shall swiftly fall to shame,
but humble hearts the LORD shall lead in paths of life.

To strive to keep the heart with utmost diligence,
I need Thy mighty strength, for I am weak indeed.
If I should ever look within for strength to fight,
the devil’s snares will cause my hapless soul to slip.

Let me learn the lessons through and through, O LORD;
when once Thou speakest, I must quickly hear it twice:
To swiftly keep my feet away from evil ways,
and keep within the everlasting words of life.


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