O, Quaking Soul, Lift Up Thine Eyes to Heav’n!

Thank God for blessed assurance, after a week of fighting with temptations, doubts, and trials, that He is my Father, my Shepherd, and His love towards me, as last Sunday’s message showed me, is a love that will never let me go. To this I praise Him for how He has assured me, even with today’s devotion from Gethsemane BP Church’s website. All glory to Him.


O, quaking soul, lift up thine eyes to heav’n,
when fears and doubts have filled thy troubled heart.
O, know His blessed promises to thee, His sheep,
when thou art sadly wand’ring in the dark.

Let not the trials and suff’rings move thy heart,
but think upon His tender love which never fails.
Let not the fierce temptations crush thy heart,
but know that He o’er sin and death prevailed.

Remember now the Shepherd’s rod and crook,
how tenderly He leads His little flock.
Though through the vale of death He leads,
yet fear ye not; for He forsakes thee not.

O, quaking soul, lift up thine eyes to heav’n!
With grateful rejoice in Christ the King.
Be well assured of His great wondrous love,
for depth and height shall ne’er part thee from Him.


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