Christ’s Peace (Devotional Reflections)

Reflections from Devotions at Gethsemane BP Church’s Webpage, 30th June 2015: *** The raging storms may round me blow, and threaten e’er to quench my soul, yet all is calm within this heart, though all seems bleak, and all is dark, for Christ the Prince of Peace so reigns, such calming, soothing, peace He brings: […]

A Prayer of Affliction

My heart is heav’ly burdened, God, and silent tears doth quickly fall. The persecutions never cease and waves come threat’ning, grave and tall. Yet Thou hast given grace to me, though small am I, this sinful dust. Thou givest me close brethren dear; and clear Thy faithful Word which lasts. Hope thou in God, O […]